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Obtaining the ideal domestic help for your needs is a prerequisite for maintaining a harmonious and peaceful home. Hiring a Maid Service is often necessary for large homes of residents with busy schedules or in homes where both husband and wife work.

Employing a maid in maid agency in Singapore has become an option for Singaporean Citizens or Permanent Residents considering the mounting work and business cycle and the need for someone to efficiently run the chores is necessary. Foreign domestic workers have become a necessity rather than an extravagance and Filipino maids seems to be the pick of the bunch. Branded as the smartest and most experienced workers
Filipino Maids In Singapore are what everyone wants.

Maids R Us is a Maid Agency in Singapore that prides itself on providing the best domestic helpers in the country. with our experience and skillful expertise in the field of foreign domestic help as well as the transfer of maids to Singapore, we are equipped to provide exactly what clients require, and match them with the perfect candidate as per their expectations.

We at Maids R Us can be counted on to surpass expectations, thanks to our status as one of the leaders in the domestic services industry nationwide. We take the time to lend an ear to our clients and fully understand what they seek. And because of that we have a number of expats and locals as clients, and all of them are happy and completely satisfied with the Foreign Domestic Helper we have provided.

We have maids from various nations, who come with different skill sets, to aid their potential employers. You can take your pick from a range of domestic workers to match you and your family’s requirements. Count on us as a one-stop solution to provide you with the right domestic help for all your needs.

Being an MOM (Ministry of Manpower) registered employment agency, we ensure that our foreign domestic workers undergo a strict screening and evaluation process, in order to deliver the best possible helper to you and your family. It is a matter of immense pride for us to be able to proclaim that our services and helpers adhere to a certain standard and competency, thus ensuring complete satisfaction for all clients. Maids R Us is an agency that seeks to establish lasting relationships with our valued customers, and also become the most efficient domestic service provider in the country.

So if you are looking for a Domestic Maid Agency Singapore or from any other nation, contact us today and we will soon have your domestic worker making your life a whole lot easier.

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